The Cozy Kitchen Range

The Cozy kitchen collection has been designed to meet a wide range of tastes, with modern, shaker and traditional styles catered for. Please scroll down to view the full collection.

Chamfered Painted


A stylish painted Shaker-style kitchen with solid ash frames and soft chamfered edges.



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A unique, Shaker-style door with an integrated handle in a range of natural colours.


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A classic shaker door in a smooth finish. Available in a choice of four colours


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Painted Timber Shaker


A solid, painted timber kitchen featuring five-piece Shaker-style doors 



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Timber Lissa Oak Shaker


Striking solid oak frames and naturally warm Lissa Oak make a big statement 


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Smooth painted one-piece doors and beautiful attention to detail in a classic Shaker-style kitchen


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Sheer Gloss


If you’re looking for individuality, this on-trend gloss kitchen really delivers 


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Metrica Gloss 


A bright and contemporary kitchen with clean lines and sharp design that makes a statement.

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Linear Painted


A smooth painted modern kitchen with cutting-edge design


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Integral Gloss Range 


A fashionable and stylish lacquered high-gloss kitchen with clean lines


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This kitchen’s striking appearance is enhanced by its embossed woodgrain effect and functional

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Create the perfect look with smooth doors and complementary colours


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Framed Painted


Painted solid timber in-frame door and veneered centre panel, available in 14 colour options.

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Shires Painted


A traditional in-frame kitchen with beautiful woodgrain-effect painted doors


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Sculptured Painted


A refined and beautifully crafted kitchen with solid painted timber doors


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Manor House


A charming, traditional kitchen in a shaker-style with solid painted five-piece doors


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An In-Frame style kitchen with elegant, smooth, painted doors


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A statement door style combining a slab with a recessed handle. 


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Flute Ivory


A square-framed door in Matt Ivory, with a grooved centre panel.


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Gloss Stone Shaker


A striking, one-piece Shaker kitchen with a contemporary high-gloss finish.


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Inset Chic Copper


Chic Copper is a stylish metallic effect door, shown here using the Inset handle-less system.


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A smooth painted in-frame kitchen available in 21 painted colours.


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Inset Linear Lustre Metallic


 Linear Lustre Metallic is shown above combined with Graphite, using our Inset handleless system.


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Inset Chic Dark Blue & Fjord Green


 Chic Dark Blue & Fjord are mixed above, using the Inset handleless system.


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Inset Linear Anthracite & Limestone


Anthracite and Limestone. A truly customised kitchen can be achieved


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Inset Metrica Gloss Cashmere & White


Inset is a handle less solution that can be used with over 60 slab doors available in the Mackintosh


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Integral Shaker White Gloss


A unique door, only available from Omega, combining a shaker with a J-pull integrated handle trim.

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Ivory Shaker


A classic shaker style door in a smooth Ivory finish,



Linear Bardolino Oak


Sleek and contemporary, this stylish kitchen features a refined woodgrain look and a huge variety of customisable options.

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Linear Bellato Grey



A concrete-effect, on-trend slab door.


Linear Brown Grey Avola

Contemporary Brown Grey Avola is an eye-catching textured woodgrain finish, shown here combined with Opaco Painted Ivory.

Trend Lissa Oak


This warm, medium oak kitchen sits perfectly at the centre of any homes. Shown here in a Lissa Oak woodgrain-effect finish .

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Trend Painted

A classic Shaker-style kitchen with a painted woodgrain-effect finish, available in a range of natural colours..


Trend Sand Oak

A stylish and elegant kitchen featuring timeless five-piece shaker doors finished in a stunning woodgrain-effect.



This streamlined version of the original shaker design, with a new narrower frame and a smooth finish, creates a contemporary look to a tried and tested classic. Available in 21 painted colours.

Super Gloss

If you are looking for the crispest, brightest white, our Super Gloss White is the perfect choice for you. It is super bright, incredibly luminous and distractingly pristine.


A classic shaker door in a smooth finish. Available in a choice of four colours: White, Ivory, Light Grey & Cashmere.


Oblique Gloss

A slab door with a chamfered edge in lacquered gloss white. Only for use with the Mackintosh Inset handleless system.



The classic design of the Sterling door, a narrow shaker design, with a subtle woodgrain finish allows for versatility and personalisation with the range of colours available.