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Top Tips For Planning Your Kitchen

Top tips for planning your new kitchen…

Top Tip 1) Getting a kitchen that’s perfect for you and your family takes time and planning so the first stages shouldn’t be rushed.


Top Tip 2) Before you speak to an expert take your time to think about how you would like to use your kitchen space.  Ask yourself what would be my ideal layout? What storage do I need? What appliances do I want? What colours and textures do I like?



Top Tip 3) Once you have a rough idea of what you would like, then its time to make an appointment to visit a local kitchen retailer who can offer you a free consultation and kitchen design.   At Cozy Kitchens we offer a free consultation, home measure and design.



Top Tip 4) Choose your door style and colour.  The Mackintosh range at Cozy Kitchens has dozens of Traditional, Shaker and Modern styles available, in a range of gloss, wood effect, timber and painted finishes.  All of which can be customised with an extensive range of handles.  Or you can choose to go handle-less if you prefer the true modern look.



Top Tip 5) Its surprising how much extra storage you can create when utilizing, the space, you have effectively.   Mackintosh offer all kinds of ingenious storage solutions from corner unit mechanisms, pull out drawers and larder units to bin storage, spice and wine racks.



Top Tip 6) Choosing a worktop is an important part of your kitchen design process.  Take your time comparing different worktop styles and colours against your chosen door to ensure you get look and feel that want.   Cozy Kitchens Newton Abbot have a wide range of Granite, Quartz and Laminate worktops available for you choose from. 



Once you have got your kitchen design underway, its then time to think about tiling and flooring but we won’t go into that today, keep an eye out for Cozy Kitchens top tips on choosing tiles and flooring to follow this soon. 



We hope you find these top tips useful and please don’t hesitate to contact Cozy Kitchens when your ready to book your kitchen design appointment 01626 248003. 

Best wishes


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