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Whats New for 2020

So, the Christmas decorations are back in the loft and the tree is packed away in its box for another 11 months and we are well on our way into the year 2020!

Although January is a cold and dreary month, the dark evenings give us the perfect opportunity to starting planning home improvements we want to make. If your anything like me you’ll be swiping through Pinterest and Instagram looking for ideas, as well as the Cozy Kitchens website where you will find plenty of inspiration! 

What’s new for Cozy Kitchens Newton Abbot in 2020?

Our Two Tone Cozy Kitchen ‘The Savoy’ is still a popular choice at the Newton Abbot Showroom. 



Contrasting light and dark units and we now have a non-shaker version available which Cozy Kitchens has named ‘Autograph’.  Both kitchens are available in 21 different colours and are handless which is also a firm favourite continuing into 2020.

You can see ‘The Savoy’ within our Newton Abbot showroom.

The Stone Effect slab style of Kitchen which entered the market the later part of 2019 is set to increase in popularity this year with a range of stone effect samples available from the Cozy Kitchens showroom.  



Earthy tones and copper will be a Kitchen focus for 2020.  Take a look at our Cozy Kitchen Integral painted Green and our Cozy Kitchen Linear Painted Sage Grey both with a two tone of Ivory.  Other colour samples are available to view within our Newton Abbot showroom 


2019 was an interesting year.  We’re looking forward to the ideas and requests that our 2020 customers will bring to our design team.

Here are a few of the New Kitchens and colours added to the Cozy Kitchen range in 2020….


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